Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

I had a snow day as the place where I am working now closed because of the snow and the dangerous roads this morning.  At first it was a two hour delay and then it closed.  This is the second time since I have been working that it has happened.  The first time (Monday), I was actually sick and was going to call in and then got the call so it was actually a good thing.  Today, I am better but it is nice to be able to take it easy and continue to rest.

I kind of liked having a snow day today because there were some house things that needed to get done, but I am a little sick of the snow now and am anxious for spring.  I looked at the forecast and it says that starting this weekend, we have another storm system coming our way.  Some people have indicated that it is a big one and we are due for either 3 or 30 inches.  That's right, 30.  I don't know if it is a scare thing or real, but it could be.  More snow days.

Snow removal is getting to be a full time occupation.  Our municipality is short on salt as is many others.  There was an accident at a salt mine and OSHA shut the place down for four days, so that results in the salt delivery being late and we are low. I hope that we will get the tonnage we are due shortly in time for this upcoming deluge if that is indeed the case.  Next week looks like snow and frozen mix forecast nearly every day. Global warming?