Wednesday, October 1, 2014


There was a story this morning about a hunter who accidentally shot a 6-day old infant. The child will live, but will be blind as the bullet missed its brain but went through the occipital area of the skull. There will be an investigation to see of the hunter used proper procedures. But the hunter was licensed and legally able to have that gun.

Stories like this make me wonder of anyone else thinks this is insanity. It is just me or are people not concerned about gun safety? Gun owners seem outraged when people question their right to own, gun violence opponents don't want guns around, and people who don't care start to care when their family is affected. Is this crazy or what?

This country has the highest number of gun owners and the most number of gun shootings. No one seems to think this is wrong or that a change is needed. At least that is my sense. Am I out in left field about this? I sure hope so.