Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From Blah to Fab

 I had a great time this weekend sprucing up my yard and one of the things I did was to paint some patio chairs that were looking old and outdated. I think I was inspired by a posting on Facebook of someone who had done something similar. I think they turned out great.
I used spray paint that said it adhered to plastic which I think is important. Regular spray paint I think will run, but this didn't. It stayed where I put it. First I washed them carefully with a scrub brush and a sponge with a scrubber side with just regular dish washing soap. Then I let them dry in the sun. Then I sprayed. 
I think they make a great impact to my patio and really make it something special and unusual. I will be curious to see how long the paint will last, but a friend told me about two seasons. I did get extra paint so a little touch up later shouldn't be a problem.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sustainable Agriculture

Last night, a fellow council member and I attended a sustainable agriculture workshop. It was held at the senior center and sponsored by Temple University. The students there are undertaking a study about how a community can improve sustainability and picked Norristown. On one hand. I was thrilled that they picked us, and on the other hand. I was sad they picked us.

I met some very interesting people who are very interested in making Norristown better and it was good to be in a room with kindred spirits. These people understood that access to fresh produce and a variety of good quality food is important to the health of the community. However it is frustrating to note that there was not a large showing.

There are some places where people can get fresh produce, but it may not be organically grown produce, and they are few. We discussed things like CSAs (of which there is one really close), community gardens, education opportunities, and getting children involved. The students will go back and do their analysis and come back to us with suggestions. I will post when that happens.food

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Little Fightening

Last night I attended a viewing of GMO OMG. I came home more disturbed about this country than ever. The powerful people at Monsanto, along with other chemical companies, are not only destroying our health but our environment all in the name of money. I am not surprised, necessarily, but shocked at the gall.

If you have an opportunity to see it, please do. I did not stay for the panel discussion but I am sure it was interesting. There were several people there who are doing what they can making sure we are educated, informed consumers and know that our food items have GMOs in them by labeling them. This is something that Monsanto and the other do not want. They interviewed a European scientist who said that they have been labeling for a while and no one wants the GMO stuff. All we are asking for is the choice and the knowledge that we are putting quality - or not quality - food in our bodies. What could be wrong with that?

I'll tell you what's wrong. The more educated a consumer we are, the less likely we are going to purchase their product  and the poorer they will be. I am sorry, I am all for the rights of workers, but companies who make this stuff are criminals in my book, and all they are doing is making their employees accessories to the crime.