Thursday, October 29, 2009

Remembering Mr. Grillo

On Sunday we heard that our neighbor, Mr. Grillo had died. He was 85 and lived with his wife, his sister-in-law, and his daughter since we moved into the block. In July, the sister-in-law suddenly passed and on the day of her funeral, he fell down the stairs while getting ready to go. He had been declining in the last few years and they had found an inoperable malignant tumor near his heart. His sight was bad and he had recent cataract surgery. When he fell, he lost quite a bit of blood and broke his arm and cracked a few ribs. He was taken to Hannaman Hospital in Philadelphia and then sent to a nursing home where he passed.

Mr. Grillo was a very active person until July, despite his declining health. In his retirement years he worked at the local golf club scheduling the people coming in to play, and he was very active in his church. He was always so kind to our family, especially our son. He never forgot his birthday or Christmas and always gave our son a card with a crisp $10 bill in it. Mr. Grillo was quite vocal in his beliefs, but he always had a kind word to say. He was very supportive of my political efforts, even putting up a lawn sign for one of my campaigns even though he was of the opposite party.

My husband helps take care of the Grillo’s property and has mowed the lawn for them for most of the 25 years we have lived on the block. Every time the lawn was finished, Mr. Grillo would come out and give my husband two cold cans of beer. Sometimes, our son would do the lawn and Mr. Grillo would give him two cold cans of Coke.

Today was his funeral and my husband and I went to the viewing early this morning. Mrs. Grillo understood that I had to get back to work but asked that my husband come to the luncheon after the burial knowing that he didn’t work until this evening. Needless to say, she was very tearful, and I hope she will be able to deal with the grief. After losing her sister and her husband in such a short timeframe, it will be hard. They were married for 62 years.

He will be missed.

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