Friday, December 11, 2009

A Different Planet

My son finally landed a part-time job after quite a bit of searching, although not as hard as I would have liked him to. When speaking to his boss the other day I was relieved to hear that my son is working very hard and seems to be very conscientious. Wait a minute, I thought, are we talking about my son?

I remember when my son was quite little and I would leave him at a friend’s house for a play date. When coming back to get him the mother of that friend would often remark that my son was so polite and well behaved, and I would have the same reaction. My son? What boy where? What have you done with my son, and can I keep him? What is it about kids where they are little angels at someone else’s house and the devil incarnate at your own?

At any rate, now that my son has joined the workforce maybe he won’t be quite as irresponsible at the house…or not. Oh well, if so maybe I have flown to a different planet. Don’t worry; I like it here.

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