Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dreaded Winter Colds

Wow, it’s been several months since I posted last.  I have been very busy over the summer, and I know it’s not any excuse, but I apologize.

Before Christmas I got sick with a cold that was going around that has a very bad cough.  A coworker told me of a natural remedy to help your body fight the virus.  It is called Oil of Oregano and it works very well.  I was able to get over the cold relatively quickly, except I had a nagging cough that has lasted for several weeks.
Today the cough got worse and the first thing I went to was the oil.  I must warn you that this stuff, which you take three drops twice a day and it tastes HORRIBLE.  I added Slippery Elm oil as well as doing Echinacea and Golden Seal tea several times a day, and using Zicam tablets every four hours.  The treatment I devised for myself worked very well, so starting today I started the regime to nip this think in the bud. 

Give it a try the next time you feel yourself coming down with a cold.

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