Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Garden

For the last few months I have become obsessed with gardening.  I started a vegetable garden this spring and grew the regular tomatoes, hot peppers, melons, and zucchini.  But this year, I also tried broccoli and cauliflower, which I never did before.  I also took on the side flower garden which had been neglected for many years waiting for my husband to do something but realizing that he would not do it in my time frame. 

It turned out somewhat well, considering since the time I started I began a job that would take 75 hours a week and not leave me with practically any time to do anything in it.  I did have a few hours here and there and put some things in the ground, but it was generally a rush and didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  I wanted the flower garden to be full, like and English Garden and it didn’t turn out that way at all.
The one thing I did do was start a Garden Journal.  I found a website that has templates for recording the seeds and plants purchased so that you can keep track of what you have and how things do.  I found an empty notebook in my office and put some paper and some of the templates in, along with a pocket to house the receipts from the purchases and have been tracking things to the best of my ability along with taking pictures and putting them in the notebook.

So starting next year, I am starting new.  I have a plan for a new garden design for the vegetable garden and will be starting many of the flowers from seed for the flower garden.  I won’t be working these crazy hours so I can devote my free time getting my hands dirty and seeing the fruits of my labor – pun fully intended.

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