Thursday, November 8, 2012

Putting the Garden Down

Over the last several months since I built the raised beds, I have been taking pictures showing the growth, or in some cases, the failure of growth, of my garden.  Today I compiled those pictures into a video.  I wanted to do a time lapse kind of thing, but I don't know how to do that so this will have to suffice.

I also ripped all the old plants out and laid straw on top of the beds so that they are prepared for winter.  We had our killing frost and the peppers and scarlet runners were very sorry looking indeed.  I think I was supposed to allow the beans to dry on the vine, but only two of them did. So I may have to lay them out and let them air dry before opening them up and storing them.  If there is something else needed, then you can comment below. I also harvested several of the herbs and bundled them to be dried from the basement rafters. I had planned to make some tea mixes with those; lavender, stevia, chamomile  and lemon verbena.  It will be several weeks until they are dried enough to do that, though.

So the end of another growing season has come.  I am very pleased with the raised beds this year and know that I will have fun planning where things will be growing in the next season.  Meanwhile, I have things in the cold frame that I can concentrate on in the coming winter months.

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