Friday, August 21, 2009

A Little Time Off

My husband and I had a little mini vacation in Cape May last weekend. He has a friend from work who has a boat in a marina on Ocean Drive in Cape May, New Jersey. They invited us down to spend Saturday and Sunday there. The weather was really good, although it was pretty hot and a little humid for the shore. I failed to wear sunscreen because I usually feel I don’t need it, and got a nasty sunburn as a result. But it was all worth it. We had a great time.

On Sunday we went over to Sunset Beach. They are famous for the Cape May Diamonds that washed up on that beach from the Delaware River and were discovered by the Kechemeche Indians who believed that the stones held supernatural powers which brought success and good fortune. You can read about then at one of the many sites that talks about the stones. While we were in the gift shop my husband bought me a really pretty ring. I guess you could call it an early anniversary gift because September 6th this year will be our 23rd year together. We also went on the beach and collected a few of the stones there. I suppose if I put them in a rock tumbler I could use them for some jewelry, but I am not sure if I will. The couple who we visited has collected the stones over the years and has a large bottle full of them.

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