Friday, September 4, 2009

Magical Elixir

This moon-lit morning, I praise the wonderful elixir of wakefulness which is coffee for getting me in to work. For the last few weeks, I have felt extremely tired, and the coffee is the only thing that has helped get me going. I am sleeping fine, but waking up as if I hadn’t sleep at all. I finally went to the doctor, on my husband’s urging, and she sent me for blood work and won’t have an answer until Friday. I usually don’t have a problem with getting my blood drawn, but yesterday I almost passed out. It was a strange experience and I ended up having to lie down and get my strength back. I felt very embarrassed even though the nurse told me not to. They had to take about 8 vials, and one of the tests was done without the rubber tourniquet because it has to be surface blood, or seeming like that. At any rate, I should have somewhat of an answer by today.

I went through this feeling before about 16 years ago when I was finally diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Disorder. I was sick with a low grade fever, body aches, a slight sore throat, extreme fatigue, and a litany of other issues. My first thought when I started feeling this way was that it had returned. My doctor has not ruled out that it has come back but those anti-bodies stay in your body forever and by testing for them you will only find the existing ones. It is a diagnosis of elimination anyway as there is no real definitive test. Many people have the antibodies in their system because many of us are exposed to it. Like other things you can carry the antibodies and not exhibit the illness. I credit the nutritionist who prescribed a mega vitamin therapy which in six months put me in remission.

Meanwhile, I rely on coffee to get me through the morning and at least wake me up to keep going.

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