Monday, December 17, 2012

School Daze

The news of the events in Newtown CT saddened me like no other event has.  I have not been able to stop crying since I heard about it.  It is as if my own child was involved in the shooting and I am overcome with emotion every time I hear coverage.  Things like this just should not happen.  Little children should not be mowed down by gunfire.  School should be a safe environment where learning and happy memories take place. However, in this country more and more gun related violent acts are occurring at an alarming rate.

I cannot say that it is the lack of gun laws that is causing this, but I do admit that there is something lacking somewhere.  I am not a gun owner and have no real reason to have one.  I have participated in target practice and found it to be fun, like anyone else. But frankly firearms frighten me, I suppose because I know the deadly consequences of pointing a gun in the wrong direction.  I quite honestly don't think I could kill a person no matter how badly they may have hurt me or how much I dislike the person.  I guess it is just not in my nature to feel those things.  For that reason I can't put myself in a position to understand what goes through those people's heads.  I suppose one could call me a pacifistic, except I have a horrible temper.

Despite the laws these guns are getting into the wrong hands.  Despite the laws, people are getting shot every day for every type of reason.  I firmly believe that unlike other countries, our culture is one that relishes power in any type, and frankly that is what guns provide.  I read a book a while ago called The Culture of Fear. The author examines our fear and determines we are unique because of it. Along those lines, Michael Moore's video, Bowling for Colombine suggests that because of this culture America is obsessed with guns.  Both of these sources have helped me understand why guns are so desired, but neither of them suggest what can be done. I know that because of the Newtown CT incident that there will be much talk about gun control and gun rights.  The same thing happened after the West Virginia Tech event, the Aurora CO incident, and the Tucson AZ incident.  I only hope that this time something will come of all that talk.

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