Wednesday, December 5, 2012


In the beginning of this year, I came into work after a long weekend to find a calendar on my desk.  There was no note as to who it was from and no one claimed the gift when I asked around.  The calendar features pigs in various costumes and settings, some of which are very amusing. December’s pig is dressed like Scarlett O’Hara complete with a grand staircase behind her and posed on a suitcase featuring stickers from various destinations all over the world.  I looked at the picture today after flipping the page to this month (I know, I was late) and considered the world of stickers.
Children love stickers.  When I was working on the campaign last year we went to an outdoor festival and the children were clamoring for the campaign stickers we had.  I guess they may associate them with rewards and get a good feeling from them.  But adults like stickers too and some even collect them.  I guess I like stickers too but I don’t go crazy over them.  I somewhat collect political stickers and put them on a clipboard that I use for campaigning.  It matches the collection I have of political buttons I suppose.  The buttons are displayed in my guest room and a few are stored in a overflow box decorated with patriotic stars and stripes.
I suppose bumper stickers are stickers for adults. I used to think they were really tacky and had resisted putting any on my car until recently.  I still will not put a bumper sticker on the bumper, but I have a few on the rear window.  I like magnets more for the car.  I have two magnets on the car but I have a lot on my fridge and a few in my office cubicle.  I get a magnet whenever I travel and it sort has become a thing for me to do now.  But stickers to me are too temporary and once one peels them off they are no good to put back on something. Maybe magnets are similar to stickers in a way, but the bottom line is that it is all about a collection, I think. Since the dawn of time humans have been collecting things so maybe that’s where the fascination comes from.  Humans are often funny creatures.

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