Monday, November 25, 2013


My husband and I don't have cable.  Yes, I know that makes me about as un-American as they come, but we figured we have saved a lot of money over the years.  We love to watch movies, and so for many years, we have had a base subscription to BlockBuster and gotten DVDs through the mail.  We purchased a large HDTV a few years back and the set up has been perfect for us.  Now we hear that BlockBuster has been bought out by Dish Network and going out of the rental business.

No problem.  There is BlockBuster OnDemand, NetFlix, and other streaming services like Hulu.  But I the only computer that has an HDMI cable capability was the Chromebook that I had purchased for my husband last year.  Enter Chromecast.  I saw it advertised and found it on Amazon for $35.  However since my TV was not hooked up to the Internet, I was concerned that I would not be able to use it.  No problem, as it turned out.  You simply plug the device into the HDMI cable input and go to your tablet or laptop and download the Chromecast app. It acts like a wireless HDMI cable and connects any device to your TV through your home network.  It is really very easy.

Now we can stream movies from any service on the Internet we want and have it show on the big screen and we are back to enjoying the movies we like. You can connect other devices, even your phone, to the TV through the app and eventually I will connect my husband's Chromebook to it too,and maybe my phone, but in the meantime when BlockBuster goes dark on December 15, we will still have access to anything we want.  In my mind, it's just as good as cable.

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