Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What If?

So yesterday in my walk, I passed McDonalds and the thought jumped into my brain about a new restaurant idea. What if there was a fast food vegan restaurant? Would people flock to it as they do to the fat laden, unhealthly cousin? 

I thought it could be named McDaniels and have roasted potatoes, veggie burgers, and green smoothies. Of course it would have to have quick tossed salads and apple snacks, and could offer carrot and celery (organic of course) sticks. It could also have Seitan bites for the kids and there would only natural juices and water. 

I wonder of such a restaurant could make a go of it. I don't know enough of the restaurant business otherwise I would try. Maybe a food truck at first to test the concept. I suppose if the food tastes good enough people would buy it anyway. If you said it was vegan no one would try because you mention vegan and people simple scowl at you. Gee, I wonder...

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