Monday, February 2, 2015


I saw this cartoon on a friends Facebook page a while ago and loved it. It was posted shortly after I went vegan and laughed because I have experienced this attitude often when telling others about the lifestyle. I still laugh everytime someone coils at the idea of not eating meat and dairy.

The other day I heard that a coworker has been diagnosed a while ago with an autoimmune disease which could be helped with a grain free vegan diet. I know it is a very restricted diet, but if it made you get better why would you not try it? This coworker has not even tried it and I keep asking myself why.

I guess one can't force others to immediately take on a direction which is considered so out of mainstream like vegan-ism. I guess even if it makes total sense to me, others still find it too extreme. Oh well, maybe they don't want to get better.

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