Monday, March 21, 2011


Over the weekend, we had a murder in town. It was a senseless killing, not that any killing make sense, but this one defied all logic to me. A young man was shot down while walking home from his girlfriend’s house in order to get home before his curfew. We are finding out that this young man was a model citizen. He was a junior member of the ROTC, he was active in his church, and he was doing well in school. He was picked on a little, some said, while others said he was someone they looked up to; someone whose life they could emulate. The shooter has not been caught yet.

The police reports say this is a robbery gone bad. However, the word on the street is that someone had a beef with him and found someone with a gun and hunted him down. If that is the case, the question in my mind is what prompts some people to do that kind of thing? Why do some people think that guns will solve anything?

Guns are made to kill people. It’s a simple as that. The second amendment does not give us the right to kill another person. It gives us the right to have a well-armed militia, and in time of relative peace in our country there is no need for a well-armed militia. Guns don’t solve anything because once you use one, whether it’s to defend yourself, or as an attacker you end up with a bigger problem that the one you started off with.

The logic that if everyone had a gun we would all be safer is no logic at all. Maybe if we all had a brain, we would all be safer is the better way to look at it. It all comes from the fear that the American culture breeds in us which dictates everything we do from buying the right toothpaste for fear of being shunned because your breath is bad to the need to protect all of our worldly possessions with locked doors and alarms. What’s more important here; things or people?

But I suppose the biggest reason some people want guns, is that guns wield a sense of empowerment. I suppose that these people think they are weak and useless without a firearm in their possession. I suppose that these people think that they will be able to do anything with a firearm in their waistband. I suppose they think that they will be the ones to be feared with a firearm in their hand. They’re right, but they are not feared because of the gun, they are feared because they are a menace to society and too brainless to know how to deal with life.

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