Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Academy Awards Controversy

I didn't see the Academy Awards this year, and in previous years I have become increasingly uninterested about the whole thing.  I used to like to watch the red carpet coverage because I love fashion, but this year that didn't even interest me.  I am sort of glad I didn't see it, but then again there was a scuttlebutt about the "I Have Seen You Boobs" song that Seth McFarlane performed which made me sort of glad I didn't watch.  From what I have read, it would have made me angry. 

As a woman I have always been very concerned about the sexual culture in our country.  Seeing a woman's breasts is always such an outcry whether it is for the natural act of feeding one's child or for sexual stimulation.  As the linked article states, we do not have a healthy culture and therefore any mention of a sexually charged event causes such a commotion. 

I personally feel the whole thing was in bad taste, but then again most of what Seth McFarlane does is in bad taste.  I do not really find his animated cartoons amusing but then again I don't really watch them that much.  The bottom line is until the US takes a healthier view of ourselves and our bodies these kind of sophomoric attempts at humor will spark controversy.

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