Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am a victim of another crime.  A few weeks before a local jewelry store was robbed in my area, I took a bracelet to be fixed. The clasp had come apart and the  bracelet had fallen off several times, so I finally took it to the store to get a new clasp and at the same time had a small puffed heart charm soldered on to it.  This bracelet, while not expensive was very valuable to me because my son had brought it back from Mexico when he was there in the fifth grade.  I had been wearing it ever since.  I had not heard back from the store and I feared the worst after hearing the news of the robbery. Sure enough my bracelet was one of the items taken. I was heartbroken when I heard the news.

I hate, hate, hate criminals.  Not only was the crime a horrible experience for the jewelry store owner, but now the owner has chosen to close the business.  When I spoke to him, he told me that they have had three robberies and it is just too much.  They have been in the Norristown area for many, many years and now they are leaving.  They are the only jewelry store in the town and because of some stupid criminal they are shutting their doors forever.

Sure they are replacing the bracelet, but it is not the same. And, yes, I know it's just a material item but it is an emotional thing for me because it has high sentimental value.  I am sure I am going to get over it but for now I am thinking about it over and over again.

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