Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh, What We Eat

This morning I woke up and realized that my allergies are back.  I thought I was free of them this year, but I suppose they started a little later than before.  All winter long I was taking teaspoons of local honey and for a while there, I was bragging that my symptoms had not shown up.  Yesterday I started noticing a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, and now this morning, it is a little worse.  I guess since I used up all the honey, the magic powers stopped working.

As I have gotten older and read more, I am more and more convinced that our environment is the cause of most of the illnesses we get, including cancer. Yes, some people are more susceptible to them because their genetics make them that way, but these environmental factors are further complicated by what we eat.  The standard American diet is full of chemicals and we have gone away from foods that are not natural.  Sure our ancestors got sick and even got cancer, but not to the rate we get it now.  People in other countries don't get the same rate of cancers either.  Look at their diet.

You are what you eat, they say.  If you eat wholesome, local food and stay away from sugars, additives, and preservatives, you will be less likely to get sick.  One only has to look around to the people who you know get sick frequently.  What are they eating?  Chances are, their diet is full of chemicals; diet sodas, breakfast cereals packed with additives, and highly processed food on a constant basis. Contrary to Monsanto, better living is not done through chemistry. Better dying, but not better living.

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