Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Something to this Gluten free

So I had a dentist appointment yesterday. I have had to start going every four months because my gums are getting bad. There was inflamation and bleeding even though my home care was good. I had pockets in the gums around my back teeth and things were not liking good. 

So almost a half a year ago I switched to a vegan, gluten free diet and my dentist was pleasantly surprised at things looked. My gums were not inflamed, there was no bleeding, and the pockets had reversed themselves and were much less. One went from a six to a four. They asked me what I had done differently and I told them about the new diet.

So I guess the gluten affects everything including my gums. I had heard that gluten caused inflammation in the body and I guess they are affected as well. This diet can be very demanding but with results like this, it makes it so worth it.

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