Friday, January 23, 2015

The China Study

Last night I attended a screening of Forks over Knives (check out their site at It is based on a book by T Colin Campbell called The China Study. This book entails the work Dr. Campbell has done, along with data from other like minded researchers, who have discovered that a plant based, whole foods, diet will cure everything from cancer to diabetes and everything in between.  As you may know, these diseases are the major causes of death in this country and it is their findings that show these ailments are caused by eating meat and dairy. "Milk does not do a body good..."

As you may know, I have been following a vegetarian lifestyle in the past few years. As of about six months ago I have tried to increase that to vegan. I have noticed some very interesting changes (see my blog entry for my recent dentist appointment). In addition to the dental improvements, I have finally been losing weight after years of trying unsuccessfully. I thought it was just due to the gluten aspect, but according to this film, the plant based diet's first really noticeable change is weight loss.

I got a copy of the book at the showing and will report more as I read, but this is very exciting to me. I have told many about the lifestyle and some have been interested and others have not. If I had a disease (and I do with the diabetes) and fixing it would be as simple as eating differently why would I not try it? You have nothing to lose but the pounds and bad health.

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