Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is today and every year there is a theme.  This year, Earth Day's theme is themed after A Billion Acts of Green and apparently we should all be hearing about a campaign to generate acts of kindness toward our planet.  The intention of Earth Day is to inspire awareness and appreciation for our Earth and the many bounties in our environment.  Unfortunately, we have not been really kind to Mother Nature and that is not a good thing.

Think of it.  We only have one planet and it is filling up with all kinds of bad things.  You might not think that­, but all of our resources are really quite finite.  We have only so much fresh water, clean air, and quality dirt to grow our food.  When that goes away we won’t have anything and it will be very dangerous for humans to survive.  We have already done so much damage already with greenhouse gases in our air, cutting down massive quantities of trees which hurts the oxygen, and adopting a throw-away culture.  It may not seem like a lot, but take what you do and multiply it by billions of people and you might be able to get an appreciation for how bad it can get.  Even now there are places where things are looking really dour.  Check out this article about a woman in Canada that was printed recently in CNN.

Like many observances, an annual event is not enough.  Earth Day should be every day.  One should be mindful of the waste they are creating or the pollution that are spreading.   If we all did our own little part every day, we might be able to slowly reverse some of the damage caused.  But it is going to take a lot and unless we do something our future generations will be left to suffer the consequences.

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