Wednesday, June 22, 2011


If you ask me, Facebook is a huge sociological experiment to see just how far people will go. We are all social creatures and I think despite some people who want to be alone, we all crave human interaction – face time if you will. As such, the notion of letting everyone know what you are doing each second of the day via Facebook or Twitter is an outcome of that need.

I think I have heard everything that Facebook can be used for. Today I read a report of a man in Utah who held a woman hostage and posted updates to his friends about the incident while it was happening. Many of them pleaded with him to stop but some even told him were the police were. That later group? They may be charged with obstruction. I am sure more is to come on that part of the case. A whole new area of law is being created because of this technology.

Facebook is a great networking tool. It’s fun, interactive, and can provide lots of entertainment. It’s been used to find a lost pig, brag about your exploits legal and otherwise, get a girl rescued who fell in a storm-drain, and now chronicle a crime in progress. I am sure that it has been used to describe, blow by blow (pun fully intended), sexual acts in progress. I am not sure what message this says about society, but I think it getting a little out of hand. I mean, really. I think that the young people who have grown up with this in-your-face technology would make for a great sociological study on the effects of this technology and how it affects one’s self worth. Facebook is putting our lives out there if you decide to buy into it.

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