Monday, June 6, 2011


I read an editorial in the Times Herald the other day and the imagery that I experienced from reading it is haunting me.

The opinion article talks about a 13-year-old boy from a Syrian village who was beaten and tortured by the Syrian government. The young boy was taken to a protest by his father and swept up and arrested. The government gave the body to the family but only after having the parents sign a paper saying they would not talk about the condition of the body. However after seeing the body they risked their own lives by sending these images out via the Internet. Then the government tried to say the images were caused by decomposition when it was clear that some of the injuries could not have happened normally.

As a parent, I cannot comprehend having to go through that with my child. I mean I got queasy even seeing him with a skinned knee, let alone the described injuries that poor child endured. As a human, I cannot grasp the ability of a person subjecting another human, being especially a child, to the kind of torture that boy went through. I am just horrified beyond belief to the extent of injuries described his body showed. I also cannot understand how anyone would want to witness that on the Internet, but I supposed those people are out there. I see stories of those kinds of people, albeit fictional, on shows like CSI and Criminal Minds. I know that such things exist but they are beyond my personal scope. I mean what kind of life do these people live to make them become a torturer?

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