Friday, June 10, 2011

In Her Cups

I was sent a link to a funny video that is about a voicemail from a woman who is quite inebriated leaving a message for a guy she just met. She rambles on about wanting to hear from the guy and how to get in touch with her. The thing is that now-a-days, you make one stupid mistake like that and it’s all over the Internet for millions to see. There are no last names mentioned, so I guess it is still somewhat anonymous, but she does mention that she works at E-Bay.

My mother always told me that no one respects a “lady in her cups”. I never knew where that phrase came from so I looked it up. The word “cup” has its origin from Middle English cuppe, from Old English, from Late Latin cuppa, drinking vessel, perhaps variant of Latin cpa, tub, cask, and the phrase “in her cups” is an old English phrase which came from the fact that the word “cups” is defined as the drinking of intoxicating beverages, hence saying one is in their cups means they are drunk. Figures my mother would use an English phrase as my grandmother was educated in England.

At any rate doing anything under the influence of any mind altering substance will get you in trouble most of the time. To help, believe it or not there is actually an iPhone app to help you avoid drunk texting and one that will help avoid drunk posting to Facebook or other social media. I gather that would be quite useful for those people who frequently fail to contain themselves once they have drunk more than they should. Maybe the girl in the video should look into it. But then again why deny us the delight of listening to her inebriated rambling?

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