Thursday, June 9, 2011


For some reason my husband loves to watch America’s Got Talent. I am not sure why and I am sure that he would cringe to know that I blogged about it. But because he is tuning in, I watch too. I must say that many times it turns out to be an enjoyable hour and I do kind of get wrapped up in the acts and what the judges have to say.

What is particularly amusing is that sometimes the acts are so full of themselves. Those are the ones that usually have no talent whatsoever, and then appear incredulous about why the judges buzzed them off. I think it is so funny to see someone come on national television and take such humiliation. Take for example this one man in Minnesota last night. He came out dressed in what appeared to be a diaper covered in body paint and proceeded to grunt and writhe as if he were in extreme agony. At the end of his act two men came out and hosed him down with fire extinguishers. I mean, really. What was that? Then there are acts, like the 6 year old little boy who show surprising talent for dancing. His movements were kind of rudimentary, but for his age they were really quite good. I am anxious to see what more he has to offer.

The judges are entertaining. Piers Morgan usually shoots most of them down with his caustic criticism, Sharon Osborne is very polite even when she says no, and Howie Mandel gets swept up in many of the performers and says yes when sometimes he should say no. The audience is a good judge and will yell and scream if they are good or boo and cajole if they are bad. They show no mercy. I must give it the contestants though because it looks like they must wait for hours to perform. In the beginning of the show it looks like hundreds who show up. It seems as if America sure has hope if not talent, and maybe that’s why my husband likes it so much.

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