Friday, December 2, 2011


The other day I was directed to a video that someone posted on their Facebook page. It was an ad, supposedly in Australia, for same sex marriage. It was a beautiful film done from the perspective of one person showing snippets of a relationship between two people who obviously loved each other. At the end it showed a man kneeling on the ground with the proverbial ring box. It wasn’t until that moment was it known that the other person he held the ring box to was also a man. It was a touching video and somewhat tearful – at least for me.

I am not shocked by the thought of same sex marriage, and fully support it as I may have mentioned in this blog before. I can’t understand how some might feel it damages marriage as it exists between a man and a woman.   Homosexuality has been documented to exist in species other than humans.

So why do people think they can decide for another what makes that other person happy? For one thing, ardent Fundamentalists point to the Bible which in one scripture says it is a sin to lie with a man as is done with a woman. But I seem to remember from my history that the ancient Romans celebrated homosexuality and even one definition of the Latin word for Love means love between two men – women here being pointedly left out again. So maybe the Bible was objecting to it back then. Of course since the Bible was translated from ancient Greek, some might argue that it was lost in translation.

At any rate the bottom line is human rights, in my opinion. Every person should be able to live their lives in a manner that makes them happy if that manner does not cause physical or emotional harm to another person. The pursuit of happiness is even in our constitution, so I support and believe that this country should legalize same sex marriage; marriage not civil unions, not partnership, but marriage. Because until all people are given the same rights regardless of their gender, religious background, race, sexual orientation, sexual identity, and any another other classification you want to throw in there, we are all not free.

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