Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Little Early

I know I am a little early in planting, but I was so excited about the greenhouse and the grow light that I planted the seeds for the flowers that needed to be planted in January.  I just couldn’t wait.  Over the Christmas holiday I organized all my seeds and determined from the grow calendar which plants needed to be started in each month, carefully plotting on a spreadsheet the months of indoor sowing, outdoor sowing, and transplanting.  Then I took all those plants that needed to be indoor sowed in January and planted them in the little newspaper pots I made with my pot maker.  They are now sitting in the greenhouse with the grow light set for 16 hours.  I also wrote down on all the ones that were planted and the date in my garden journal.
I know it’s a little early, but hey it’s almost January, right?  I figured the more head start I get on these seedlings the better off they will be come April or May when they can go outside, and will be bigger and stronger then.  It is a little strange to walk by the basement door and see this eerie light on down there.  It makes me think someone forgot to turn off the overheads, but then I remember, and it fills me with anticipation and excitement.  Yeah, I know, small things…
So anyway, I am off and running.  Next month there are more seeds to start and before I know it the sun will be shining longer and it will be time to plant all these seedlings in the ground.  In one way it’s a way to deal with the winter blahs that is productive and gratifying. 

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