Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dangerous Medication

I love my cat.  I mean who wouldn’t love that fat little furry creature.  But recently he has been having this elimination problem where we find a deposit on our kitchen floor in the morning.  So it was off to the vet to see what the matter was.  I knew he had fleas and the flea medication I got for him (Adams the first month and Pet Armor the next) didn’t seem to be working.  I figured maybe the reason he was leaving us presents was that the he was itching so bad that he couldn’t handle it.  I love my cat, but I really hate going to the vet because it’s always a $200 bill!  I can’t afford to keep running there all the time.

So to the vet we go and found out that the over the counter stuff is really dangerous!  They told us that a kitty just died after using that stuff.  Apparently the active ingredient used in the solution is an old formula and fleas are immune so it doesn’t work anyway.  I don’t know the particulars about whether this owner used the medication wrong, but that’s what they said.  I did find one article that talked about these issues prompting putting warnings on the boxes, and it said that there have been 600 reported deaths.  It also said that most death cases the medication was a larger dose that the animal was supposed to get, so that could be the problem rather than the chemical itself.  I did find an alternative, an organic product from Organic Products called Flea Free which you add to their drinking water.  I ordered a bottle and will see how that works.  As you may know, I don't like chemicals.
So the end result is that we got a chemical product, Revolution, from the vet along with his rabies and distemper shots.  We also did a stool sample to rule out any parasites, and he was given a tape worm pill because with fleas animals always have tape worms.  This morning?  Yes, my baby left us a present.  I can’t put the medication on him until Sunday because it was only last week we put the Pet Amour on.  Maybe after the meds the presents will stop.  As I said, I love my cat, but I don’t love his gifts.

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