Monday, January 28, 2013


This weekend my husband installed a new gas range for me.  It was a Christmas present and being one for doing things himself because he hates to spend money, he said he would install it in January.  Therefore it sat in the shed since a few days before Christmas until Friday.  It is Frigidare, which really made me laugh because after all they made refrigerators and making stoves is the total opposite.  Ha Ha, oh well I guess you had to be there. Anyway, my husband found it by searching online at the Sears Appliance store near Abington.  It was a floor model and almost 50% off the regular price, so we didn’t get a box and therefore it fit in the back of his Jeep and we didn’t have to pay for delivery. 
So finally, and mostly due to the fact we have a contractor friend who kept bugging him, on Friday I came home to a really messy kitchen.  The old electric stove was taken out of the cabinet and on the floor, the kitchen table and chairs were pushed over to one side, there were tools all over the place, and the new gas stove was sitting in front of the refrigerator still wrapped in plastic.  My husband and our friend were discussing where the gas line should come up through the floor and determining what parts they needed.  Why they decided to start at 3pm on a Friday was beyond me, but I was not going to complain.  They went out for parts about 30 minutes before the store closed and came back about 2 hours later armed with beer, supplies, and pizza.  They proceeded to drill holes in the floor where the gas line would come up and where the new outlet would be.  The old stove took a 220 line and the new one required a 160 line so a new line had to be run.  Fortunately, my husband had planned for the eventual addition of a gas range and had his plumber friend put in a junction when they installed the gas dryer.  Because of that the installation was somewhat simple.
So now I am the proud owner of a gas range with 5 burners and it is just lovely.  Just having the stove makes the kitchen look newer.  Our contractor friend told me that he has an extra dishwasher from a job he did and doesn’t need and it happens to match the stove so maybe for my upcoming birthday I will get that installed!  Before too long maybe the new floor and will be put in and possibly new cabinets.  Most people do a new kitchen all at once, but if you have a husband like mine piecemeal is probably the best I can hope for. 

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