Monday, January 7, 2013

Way to Much

Okay so I think I am about as liberal as one can get, but sometimes old time values are important.  A long time ago, I blogged about a guy at work who had gotten a girl pregnant.  They made the decision to have the baby and take care of it together if not separately.  I must admit that they did the right thing by working out an arrangement with a lawyer and things seem to be going okay.  Both parties know exactly what is expected of each other and everything is in writing so there are no questions as to what is what.  It was a long and arduous process but in the end everything worked out okay. The little guy is now 4 and is really adorable.
So imagine my surprise when he announced that he is having another! The baby mama is due in June and at first they were planning to move in together, but now it seems that the moving plan is being nixed.  He said the problem is that he really doesn’t like her so that’s a problem in setting up house with her. Oh, and by the way, this baby mama is not the same as the one before.
Having a child is personal decision but I think it is important that it is a decision made by two people who are willing to make all the sacrifices needed when a child is brought into this world. This guy, while he makes a decent wage, is certainly not setting the world on fire and is IMHO not likely to.  For him to have two children with two different women pretty sickening to me – and it’s not just him.  I feel the same way about any guy out there in a similar situation. I know that mistakes happen and I admire those couples who work hard to make the best of things but really it’s the child who loses in the long run.  One mistake I can totally understand but more is just careless.  Okay so call me old fashioned but I think that a stable home environment is needed for a child’s moral development.

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