Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I stopped making New Year’s resolutions about three years ago when I realized that every year they are the same thing and every year by the second week, they are gone.  I usually have the top three that everyone has; eat less, exercise more, and be nice to people.  Since the last one is one that I usually try to live my life by, that one is not the problem.  It’s the first two that consistently give me issues.
This year I had a small neighborhood get together on New Year’s Day and there were so many wonderful things to eat that I ate way too much and it really hasn’t stopped.  However, I have been making what I am eating count.  My mother gave me a Nutri Bullet and I have been making green shakes in the morning so I am getting more fruits and veggies in.  I have had only a few cookies so that’s a good thing, and the chocolate that I have eaten has been the semi sweet kind without all those chemicals in it, but it’s is quantity that always gets me. I just like to eat too much.
The Mediterranean Eating Plan that I enrolled in this year helped rid my diet of bad, chemical laden foods.  They don’t call it a diet as it is really a life style change.  It’s not only fresh foods, but it concentrates on eating less.  For the most part I have been okay and I didn’t gain a ton of weight over the holidays has I have in the past so that’s a start. But I had gained a little back from what I lost originally on the plan.  The most important part of this plan is the type of food you should be eating.  It has to be good quality food with fresh ingredients and nothing fake.  To that end I made a pizza from scratch the other night for dinner and it turned out really good. I had never done that before and it was really quite simple albeit it took a little longer than popping a ready-made in the oven.  There are only a few ingredients but the taste is so worth it and you know since you made it there are no bad things in it. So this year rather than resolve to do things that I usually can’t stick to, I am resolving to continue to eat better quality foods. 

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