Monday, September 21, 2009

A Difficult Morning

This morning I flew into a rage at my husband who had left my car keys in his car when he moved them last night. We only have on-street parking and Mondays is the day that they street clean the other side of the street where he was parked. Since he has been working nights, he wanted to sleep and not worry about the car in the morning get a ticket being on the wrong side of the street.

Usually I try to be very quiet in the mornings for him. I lay out my clothes and everything I will need in the guest room so I don’t disturb him rummaging around in our room getting my things. However, this morning after I found I didn’t have my keys and they were not hanging on the hook by the front door, I blew up and stormed into the room and woke him up demanding to know where my keys were. I supposed I could have handled it a different way, but I was pissed and I was going to be late in getting to work. He had left them in his car and he had to get up, get dressed and go out there and get them for me.

On the way, I passed a car double parked on the next street. I hate double parkers, especially if there is a parking space within 10 feet of where they are sitting. It is the height of laziness not to park the car and either wait for the person you are picking up or walk to their door. I blew my horn as I passed in a rather long and frustrated manner. The key thing really made me mad and I was taking it out on everyone. I don’t think the neighbors liked having a horn blowing at 5:30am on their block, but maybe they will blame the person who was double parked. I was past the point of caring.

I hate when I get this way. It is childish and small of me. I really need to calm down and take it easy. I realize that. I usually don’t flip out so easily and it usually takes me a long time to loose my temper. It really sets a tone that I don’t like for the rest of the day, increases my stress level and makes me eat. Not a good situation.

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