Thursday, May 19, 2011


There is very little honesty in this world any longer. So when you experience a situation where someone does an honest act you are generally very surprised. Case in point was the other day. My husband received a call from a NJ policeman asking if he had lost his driver’s license recently. He had, actually, last year when he drove off with his wallet on top of the car. Apparently a state worker found it along the side of the road and knew the officer and had the officer call my husband. It had been almost a year since the incident and my husband had gotten replacements for everything in the wallet since. The policeman was confirming the loss and asking permission for the state worker to call and discuss where to send it. A few days later we received it in the mail with no return address that we could use to thank the person other than what was said on the phone.

The other day I left my wedding rings on my desk. I frequently take them off to put hand lotion on and I was in a rush to get out the door and forgot they were there. I actually didn’t realize where they gone until the next morning when I got ready to go to work and it was then I remembered where I had left them. I was actually pleasantly surprised to see them still in the same spot I left them when I got to work that morning. I was kind of expecting to see them gone.

It is these random acts of honesty that make me smile to think that there is still a small modicum of human decency left. For example if someone picks up a cell phone they generally just take it and make it theirs. I can see losing cash as that has no traceable evidence to return it to the last owner unless you see the last owner actually drop it, but things like cell phones, or keys, or other objects sometimes have identities attached and more times than not, they are ignored and the finder generally becomes the keeper. Whatever happened to turning something you find into a lost and found of some sort?

Perhaps people have kind of forgotten those things exist, but I did find a website called It’s in Beta so maybe it’s pretty new, but I can see that it could turn out to be pretty useful. Already they boast having posted lost 113570 items and found 51889 items in the United States and lost 137029 items, and found 57375 items Worldwide. Maybe this site will bring back a little honesty into the world.

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