Tuesday, November 29, 2011

For the Love of Flowers

For the last few nights I have been reading a book that I found while doing my other favorite task (not); cleaning. It is an old book on perennials. There are no color pictures in the whole things except for the old faded one on the cover, which feels odd considering there are lots of pictures of different kinds of flowers through the whole thing. But back then it was cheaper to print black and white. Anyway, the book describes in great detail all the kinds of perennials, their colors, their Latin names, and their bloom times.

I have really been getting into this garden thing and I am really quite anxious to get my seeds started for spring. One of my coworkers graciously loaned me a seedling mat that will warm up the soil and help the seeds germinate faster. I brought it home yesterday and put it in the greenhouse. It barely fits, but it should do fine. One problem is that I have so many flats and only one heater so I am going to have to rotate them a bit. I have never bothered to find out just exactly how cold my basement is in the dead of winter, so this should be pretty interesting. I do know that seed like to be a 75 degrees and my basement is certainly not that.

Last night I dreamt about trees. I remember feeling so frustrated because I couldn’t remember the Latin names of the trees for all of my friends. It was weird, but I know that it must mean that gardening is definitely on my mind. So in the meantime I will continue to read my book, collect the seeds I want, and dream of the wonderful color that will be in my perennial bed this spring and summer.

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