Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have a cold.  One week before the end of the campaign when I have to be at my sharpest, I am feeling yucky with a runny nose, a congested head, and sneezing.  I have been shooting vitamin C, oil of oregano, slippery elm oil, and Zycam for the last two days to try to head it off at the pass and this morning I still came down with worse symptoms that yesterday.  I wish I could crawl into bed and sleep, but that is not going to happen considering I have even more hours to put in these last few days.

So here I sit with my head feels like a wad of cotton and my hearing is reduced with all the junk in my ears.  What’s that you say?  I just hope I don’t infect anyone else but it is likely to happen.  Maybe they will get sick after the election rather than before.

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