Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I was away for a relatively short time from my regular job to participate in a campaign that turned out to be pretty historic. I am very lucky to work at a company who allowed me to take a leave to do this and yesterday was my first day back. Like anything else you engage in for a long time, coming back felt like I never left. My employer felt differently I guess as my security badge didn’t work and I had to wait in the parking lot for about 2 hours until my supervisor came in and I could walk in with her and be her “guest”. It was kind of annoying to be thought of as a threat to security and not be allowed to enter the building after working with this company for 28 years.

It took a day after coming back after five months to get back a sense of familiarity of my job for me. Some things haven’t changed and some others have, but in really small ways. They had someone take over for me and that person made some small changes that now I have to transition to, which is kind of weird. It was nice to know that I was missed but it was annoying at the same time. People kept coming by and asking me about my leave and saying “welcome back”, and it was hard to concentrate on what I had to do.

I couldn’t remember my password to get my voice mail and I was forced to change my password for the company network so I had to remember my old one – fortunately I wrote that one down – but it took me several tried before my fingers remembered the voice mail password. All in all, things are pretty much the same.  I guess this old brain can adapt somewhat to relearning the same things.

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