Friday, November 18, 2011

Raised Beds

I am very excited to start this new phase of my gardening. Over my break from my normal job to the campaign, I found a gardening system called Food4Wealth that advocated raised beds and creating an ecosystem for your vegetable garden as a way to effectively plant a wide variety of vegetables in a little space. Not only that, but the whole garden serves as a system which will work to eliminate the need for weeding and getting rid of pests. At least that’s the theory. I was very excited about this prospect because aside from the other benefits, the garden can remain all year round and allow me to plant things that I normally don’t like garlic and onions which have to be planted in the fall. In the past, we turn over the beds and start all over again in the spring and therefore disrupt everything.

So last weekend I started. With the help of my husband, we built the beds and got great compost and put everything together. I have to get the straw to go on top, but I was able to get my garlic and onions in the ground for the Spring. In addition, I purchased a small portable greenhouse and a grow light and set things up in the basement. I put together a calendar indicating when to start my seeds and have purchased a great many types of seeds to start – both vegetables and flowers. I figured in the long run we could save money and start the annuals indoors So, unlike most, I am anxiously awaiting cold, wintery January to start planting.

I also can’t wait until Spring when the real start of the garden will happen. Once the whole system gets started it should work to take care of itself including re-seeding many things. Even if that doesn’t happen and I learn how to use the seeds I end up growing, I am working for a garden that will give me endless hours of pleasure, help with our food bill, and provide fresh food for my family.

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