Monday, August 27, 2012


I live on a rather busy street and they recently did some utility work the other day and put a rather bad patch across the street.  The trench was filled in only part way and there is a lip all around of about 6 inches.  It is acting very similar to a speed hump, but instead of sticking up, it is down below the surface.

My husband and I sat out on our porch enjoying our morning coffee both Saturday and Sunday and were quite amused watching the people attempting to drive over the thing.  Several were obviously from the area and knew it existed and would come down the street at their normal too fast speed and then slam on their brakes as they remembered the thing was there and go over it slowly.  Others didn't even notice it until it was too late and they are into it.  Some would come down the street right after another driver and nearly rear end the first driver.  One guy came down on his bicycle and we would hear him exclaim "oh Hell!" just before he went over it.  On his tires, going in would be fine, but he would most likely get a flat getting out.  Several work trucks filled with equipment and things would come over it, hit it and then have the equipment come crashing down into the bed of the truck with quite a racket.  One woman came speeding over it and barely noticed because I could see her texting while driving and was probably more attuned to her phone than the road.  It was better than watching an episode of the Keystone Cops.

In a way I hope they don't fix it anytime soon.  I just love seeing those people who speed all the time down the street hit the thing and drive away swearing.  I hope they learn to slow empty hope I am sure.  Oh well, it is fun watching.

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