Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bad Name of the Day

A few years back the radio station I was listening ran a humor segment during the morning show called Bad Name of the Day.  The point was to find names that were funny, seemingly obscene, or silly sounding.  It was purely fun, intended to create a laugh but sometimes it offensive even if I am sure they didn’t mean to be.  I am not sure if they run the segment any longer since I don’t listen to that station, but I often wondered if people ever complained.  People are often way too sensitive and can’t seem to laugh at themselves any longer.
The point of bringing this up is that the other day I received a copy of an email at work and happened to glance at the recipient’s names in the header of the email.  9 out of 10 of the names on this email were practically unpronounceable.  It does point out the diversity of the employee pool for the company I work for, but it made me pause for a second to think why aren't there more American names on this list?  

Bad name or not, many of the people that are working in the United States are from foreign lands and often their names sound silly to our ears.  When spoken, they remind me of some of the goofy words that could be in a Dr. Seuss story.  On hand it is statement of what this country has to offer.  The people who come here to work often have very little opportunity for jobs in their country.  The United States offers them a way to work and earn a lot of money in comparison to the lifestyle they left.  On the other hand it is taking away jobs from the workforce we have in this country and there are still many, many Americans out of work.  Are they skilled for the technology jobs that are available, is the question you have to ask.  If they are not, then we need to look more closely at what our schools are teaching our kids.  If they are not getting what they need then we will see more and more foreigners coming over and "stealing" our jobs, and that is a downright shame.

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