Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unanswered Questions

Another shooting happened in Norristown.  This time a 16 year old was shot in broad daylight and the shooter was reportedly riding a bicycle.  The crime happened a short distance from my house, although I was not home at the time.

This leaves me with a sense of anger and frustration.  I have a series of questions going around in my head which will probably never get answered:

  1. What is wrong with people who do this?
  2. Do they know it is wrong?
  3. Do they think there are no consequences to their actions?
  4. Is there a different code of morality in their minds?
  5. Are they conscious of what it means to potentially take another life?
  6. Do they lack the feeling of power and have to do this to gain power?
  7. Is it anger, frustration, or simply desperation that drives them to commit these actions?
  8. What message are they sending with their actions, and are they even aware that they are sending a message?
  9. What drives them to do the act in the first place?
  10. Are there warning signs that someone could have observed to prevent this from happening?
I would really love to find out the answer to some of these questions, especially the last, because it might just help resolve the situation of crime in our town.  The victim is reported to be in stable condition.  Nevertheless the town is grieving because there is yet another nail in our coffin toward the ultimate end of humanity caused by the repeated acts of people who commit these crimes.

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