Monday, February 13, 2012

Give A Note

I stumbled upon a website recently, Give A Note, raises money for music education in schools.  They sponsored a Youtube video contest last year to award money to schools for entries that outlined the need for money for their music departments.  Many of the videos were quite moving and showed the national impact that the lack of education funding in general have had on school around the county.  I ended up signing up for a recurring donation in memory of my father to the National Association for Musical Education.
I have blogged in past entries about the value of musical education.  The Give a Note site has links to many articles which talk about the studies regarding the impacts music has on students.  In many cases music education has improved test scores, improved self esteem, and improved cognitive functions for overall better understanding of math, science, and other disciplines.  I urge you to take a look and become an advocate yourself.
Music education is not just a nice to have, but a “have to have” subject in school.  Not everyone is going to excel in music just as not everyone is going to excel in math or any other subject.  We all have natural talents in various areas, but how will we know if we aren’t given the chance to experience everything.  School and other experiences in youth, allow children to test drive, as it were, many disciplines, so they can discover what they love and what they want to “become.”  It is up to us to support that exploration in order to provide a better future.  Please help today.

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