Monday, February 27, 2012


I am very lucky and our family has fairly good health so to us being on medication is somewhat foreign.  The other day my husband had to have an MRI due to a muscle injury that doesn’t seem to be getting better.  He went to the hospital for the test and in the process of registering the nurse asked what medication he was on.  He replied that he was on none.  He is 64 and the nurse was flabbergasted that he was on nothing save an aspirin when he had a headache.
To us being on medication is the exception not the norm.  I often hear of all these people not being able to afford their meds because of various reasons. This includes many seniors who have to make the agonizing decision of whether to pay their electric bill or buy their medication refill.  I often wonder if the doctors are just putting people on medication because they can. 
I recently was placed on blood pressure meds because my pressure all of a sudden jumped to higher than normal numbers.  I find this a failure and am doing everything I can to get off the pills that include finally addressing my excess weight which has been a life-long pursuit.  I am trying to do this naturally without surgery or without eating fake food ala the Mediterranean Diet, which I have talked about before.  I hope that I can accomplish this goal and finally get healthy and not have to add any medications to my daily routine.  I think by and large if we all went back to basics in our diet the pharmaceutical companies might be the ones pinching their belts instead of rolling in dough.

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