Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Old Days

I have recently become aware of the Master Piece Theater series “Downton Abbey”.  I was introduced to it by a friend and then saw an article advertising the finale on a magazine.  I love period films and this show is so close to the way my mother said things were in those days.  The first episode is all about the sinking of the Titanic and the changes that the causalities caused to the hierarchy of one particular family structure regarding who will end up being an heir to the estate.  It seems as if back then things were quite structured and things had to be followed in a very precise manner. 
My great aunt lived in England during the early 20th century.  A book of letters she penned and received was put together and describes much of the same things that are going on in the show.  It seems as if I am watching something similar to her life and brings things to life in a way.   
The big thing I wonder about is where the money came from to run this huge house?  I suppose as I watch other episodes, I will find out more, but I don’t see the master of the house doing anything.  There are so many servants that were employed there.  To what standard of living did they have?  The show does illustrate have both servants and nobility in the house and it is very interesting to see the interactions between them.  Those servants gave up their lives for their employ in most cases, and in this first episode two of them discuss where their lives have taken them.  Still the whole thing seems fascinating and I think I will enjoy looking at the other episodes.

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