Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flea Bag

It was very unplanned for me and quite spur of the moment.  I did plan to take a side trip on the way down to see the Biltmore Estates as it is very close to where we are going.  So when we came into the town of Asheville where the Biltmore is located we began to look for a place to bed down for the night.  We wanted someplace cheap and relatively cheap it was.  The first place we went to is called the Downtown Inn on Patton St.  They didn't have any vacancies.  The man at the desk suggested we go on Tunnel Road, and that there would a lots of cheaper motels than anywhere in town.

So as we came through the tunnel, we came upon many "vacancy" signs.  We stopped at the Blue Ridge Motel and they had a room.  It was okay despite the fact it was a non-smoking room and stunk.  The bed was comfortable, it seemed clean, and the air conditioning worked.  Not quite the Ritz, and not really a flea bag, but it will do.

We went over to the local supermarket, Ingles and got fried chicken, black eyed peas, and some frankfurter concoction that I didn't eat.  So far for me sticking to a more vegetarian grub.  Anyway, that and a six pack of beer was only $10.  So much better than going to a restaurant for dinner after spending almost $50 for lunch.

This was our view when coming out of our room.  You can't really tell, but there is a low hanging cloud over everything.  The sun is shining through as I write this so I am sure it's going to burn off.

So off to the Biltmore we go.  Later.

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