Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Road to Recovery

I came back from Charlotte exhausted and as a result, I caught a bad upper respiratory infection complete with heavy green phlegm.  I woke up early Sunday morning with the worst sore throat ever right after dreaming that I was trying to find Amoxicillin at a drug store.  I opened the medicine cabinet and found a bottle with three tablets in it and took one.  A few hours later, I work up feeling a lot less pain in my throat, but still suffering from a heavy cough and fatigue.  I spent Sunday in bed and Monday as well.

I took another pill late Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up feeling considerably better.  Now, I am not the type to run to the doctor's for antibiotics every time I get sick in fact I hate taking medicine but I knew what I had and how to fix it.  My voice was still scratchy and my head was still congested when I went to work Tuesday. After work, I stopped by and got oil of Eucalyptus and did a hot pot of water along with some peppermint from my garden and put my head over that with a towel to concentrate the fumes breathing deeply.  Within hours my congestion was much better,and my phlegm was pale yellow and much thinner.  Obviously things are going along in a good direction.

My manager was quite adamant that I was to take a full course of antibiotics, but frankly I think that doctors are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and taking all those pills is just a way to take more of the product.  There are a number of natural ways out there to supplement man-made drugs and doing what I did, I believe, gave my system a bump and then forced it to take over on its own.  Also I firmly believe that when taking antibiotics one eat yogurt and I had a healthy bowl Tuesday morning.  As a disclaimer, I am no expert, I do what I do for me and let you know what works, but just maybe it could work for you.

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  1. If you can find a cure without using antibiotics - great. However, if you take one, and don't finish the course, you can get better but you might be left with an antibiotic resistant strain that can eventually pop back. Be careful.