Friday, September 14, 2012

Officer Down

As many of you may know, Officer Brad Fox, a Plymouth officer, was shot and killed last night while investigating a traffic accident.  The article this morning talked about the incident and his family mentioning his young, pregnant wife, the fact that he did two tours in Iraq, and a little information about his K-9 partner.  Today is a very sad day for most area police departments and anyone who knows and respects officers of the law.  It was a senseless act of violence.
I was on my way home from an event in Conshohocken last night around the time the officer was shot.  I came to the intersection of Colwyn Rd and Conshohocken Road and it was blocked off.  I went down Colwyn Rd and around until I came back out on Ridge St, which eventually continues on Main St.  Conshohocken Rd was closed at that intersection as well by a police cruiser.  When I got home around 8ish, we started hearing helicopters and did so most of the night until I went to sleep.  I wasn’t sure why until this morning when I found that they had taken the officer to Montgomery Hospital which is not far from my home.
The news hit law enforcement members across the country on a memorial site for fallen officers, thanks to the digital media everyone operates on, and many from across the country have added support. A Facebook memorial page has been set up and no doubt support on both pages will grow as more stories of Officer Fox come to light, along with details about what happened. Since this is the first officer for Plymouth’s force, they are hit especially hard coming to terms with this horrible event. It is still amazing to me that within minutes of the incident, I had received a text message about the incident and when I signed onto my Facebook page later that evening, there were many, many postings about what had happened. News travels lightening fast these days and I am continually amazed at its speed.  No doubt in a very short time we will know everything, and more, about the fallen officer and the suspect.  Many will get closure with all this information, but nothing will ever replace the man who will be missed by his police family, his wife, daughter, and unborn child.  His children will never know their father thanks to a horrible, horrible man who pulled the trigger.

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