Wednesday, June 12, 2013

City Living

I was thinking of what makes a place a good place or a bad place to live in an effort to figure out a way to help the town I live in.  I started my research on Google (where else?) and typed in "what makes a city a good place to live".  I came across a site that has all kinds of listings for cities -  the 10 most exciting cities, the 10 best places, and so on.  Reading these lists gave me all kinds of ideas of things.

Actually putting things in motion is a challenge.  It is not impossible, but there can be many things that stand in your way.  One of the  most difficult one to achieve is getting enough money to do what you want to do.  Short of hitting it big in the lottery - and we all know the chances of that - funding is usually the culprit for ending a project real fast.

Generally though what makes a city a good or bad place to live is one's perception and a lot of that perception has to do with one's own framework.  However, there were some commonalities I found and that is having things to do, things to entertain, work, places to eat, and education.  People generally want what's best for their families and the above short list is a start.  There are some truly happy people in this burg that I live in and it is expressed in this really cool recent video.

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