Friday, June 14, 2013

Visual Pollution

This scene was not possible for many years driving North on business 202 through Norristown.  For about 10 years four large billboards claimed this view (minus the rain of course).  Just the other day driving home from the grocery store I realized they were gone.  But not for long.

Today I noticed that the large electronic billboard had been erected in roughly the same spot as the previous ones.  One is better than four and it is higher than the others so you can roughly see the same view as this with the new one.  I know this visa isn't some beautiful scene of a peaceful town that you might see in the movies, but the billboard is the issue here. It is visual pollution as far as I am concerned and it is a constant reminder of the demographics in the town I have chosen to be my home.

I am not sure if you realize it or not, but think about where you see those billboards.  Aside from Times Square, I have observed that most billboards I see are usually cluttering up the sky in low income areas. This makes no sense to me as people in those areas are generally less likely to purchase the things that are advertised there, except maybe a bail bondsman.  I suppose it is to attract those driving through.  But I would prefer not to have them in my town. I would prefer to see my town in all its glory and to see the buildings sans flashing ads for whatever advertisers feel the need to hawk at you during every waking moment.  I would appreciate some peaceful reflection.

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