Monday, June 3, 2013


My mother was getting on my case yesterday about my recent decision to live a vegetarian lifestyle.  She remarked that I was probably not getting enough protein and said that all the vegetarians she knew were thin and sickly.  The last part caused me to just look at her and say "do I look thin and sickly?".  Then I went home and ate Chicken Parmigiana because my neighbor cooked us dinner and I would rather eat it than throw it away.  But I did eat it with a wonderful Kale Rainbow Salad that I have made in preparation to go with the veggie burger I was planning to eat.  Rather than feel guilty about doing that, I came across a term for what I am.  A Flexitarian.  

A Flexitarian sticks to a primarily vegetarian lifestyle but occasionally eats meat, which is pretty much what I have become.  At home I cook vegetarian, but if we are out or at a friends house I will eat what's available.  None of my friends or family are vegetarians especially my mother who has been trying to get me to go on this Pealo diet for the longest time because she thinks that will help me lose weight.  I can't seem to get her to understand that my problem is not what I eat or not eat; it's that I eat.  Period.

But I like the idea of the flexitarian lifestyle.  It is simple and available and helps to reduce the stress of what I am eating.  Now I just have to work on the stopping part.

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